Characters that hide by buildings in the city

Once upon a time, there was a group of characters that lived in a bustling city. These characters were very curious and loved to explore their city. However, they had one problem: they were very small, and they feared that they would be stepped on by the tall, busy people of the city.

So, they came up with a solution: they would hide behind buildings whenever they needed to cross the street. They would peer out from behind the buildings, checking to make sure that no one was coming, and then dart across the street as quickly as they could.

One day, as they were exploring a particularly colorful part of the city, they noticed a new building being constructed. It was tall and wide, and it looked like it would be the perfect place for them to hide from the busy people of the city.

Excited, they approached the building, eager to explore its nooks and crannies. But to their surprise, they discovered that the building was already inhabited! A group of mischievous creatures lived inside, and they were not happy about the visitors.

The creatures chased the characters around the building, trying to catch them. The characters were quick, but the creatures were persistent. Finally, the characters had an idea: they would use their knowledge of the city to outsmart the creatures.

They led the creatures on a wild chase through the city, using the buildings as their hiding places. They zigzagged through the streets, always staying one step ahead of the creatures. Finally, they reached the top of a tall building and looked down at the creatures far below.

Exhausted, the creatures gave up and went back to their building. The characters breathed a sigh of relief and decided that they had learned a valuable lesson: sometimes, it’s good to have a plan! And they continued to hide behind buildings whenever they needed to cross the street, always ready for a new adventure.

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